“If we lift our skirts, they level their eye-glasses at our ankles.” Cartoon expressing a mild Victorian dilemma — it was often necessary for women to slightly lift up their skirts if they didn’t want to drag their hems through wet or filth, but many males found the resulting display of ankles to be mildly titillating (since the ankle was the one part of the lower body which it was legitimate for women to show, but when dresses were floor-length, it wasn’t often revealed except under necessity or accident).

By Anonymous (Family Friend, Vol. IX, page 321) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons


Did you know that Banbury was a term for a “loose woman” in Victoria’s day, in the same way she could be described as a “tart.”

And I thought it was a cake.

From A Dictionary of Victorian Slang