Benefits of Reading Infographic

The Metamorphosis Journal

82 delicious layer, 12 hours of work dedicated to those who adore reading and book. Feel free to share it, and if you wish to make a print of this for educational purposes, don’t hesitate to contact me in order to get a free, print-resolution copy.

benefits of reading

Update: Some people asked for a print of this infographic. But, unfortunately, they had problems with meeting printing requirements. If you wish to have it ready in print, it’s available here on Zazzle. You can change the size as it please you, but please consider keeping the text readable.

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Book Quote: Horace Mann

Horace Mann
Quote from Horace Mann, an American politician who established public schools in the US. (Readers in the UK note – public schools in the US are unlike UK public schools, being more like state schools and available to all.)

More of my favourite book quotes:

Jane Austen

Lewis Carroll