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An Independent Woman

She needs a new life, but she builds it on a lie.

When Philomena’s adopted father dies, she outwits his evil son and escapes the fogs of London, only for a train crash to destroy her plans.

Working as a nursemaid in dark, gothic Thatcham Hall, she conceals the truth of her past from Hugh, the enigmatic owner. Intrigued by village gossip about the mysterious death of his wife, she sets out to discover his secrets.

Hugh distrusts the newcomer. Struggling with a mischievous young son and fighting his own demons of guilt, he fights his attraction for Philomena, sensing she is not all she seems.

Caught in a web of lies and mistrust, devastated by strong, unruly feelings for the master of the house, Philomena realises her only chance of happiness lies in a return to London, to battle the dangers of the past…

If you love fast-paced historical mysteries, feisty heroines, adventure and gothic danger, this story, the first in a series set in a 19th century English country house, is for you. 

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