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Dragon Ring

A dyslexia-friendly book for children aged 6-9

Dragons! Pirates! Treasure!

Dragons aren’t real…
…or are they?

The dragon’s ring is Arkan’s most precious possession. It keeps him alive. When it’s stolen, Thomas must save his friend from a terrible fate.

Thomas needs brainpower, courage, and magic to take on Wicked Wilf, the pirate, in a night-time race to find the dragon ring.

Can Thomas save Arkan, defeat Wicked Wilf, and be home in time for tea?

Early readers, kids just beginning to enjoy reading, and children who want to read on their own will love this easy-to-read, fun story packed with dragons, pirates and magic.

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of books with clear text, pictures and dyslexia-friendly design.

The author spent many years as a speech therapist, working with children who struggle with the demands of language and reading. Using all this experience, she tells an exciting story in a way your child will enjoy.
It’s extra readable, to kick-start interest in reading in any child between the ages of six and nine, especially someone with dyslexia, who’s ready to leap into the wonderful world of books and enjoy an exciting adventure.

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For a style guide on dyslexia friendly writing, visit the British Dyslexia Association website.