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Limerick Answers

The winner of the Murder at the Abbey limerick competition is Stephen Hibbin. Many congratulations, Stephen, you clever thing. Your prize is on its way.

Here are the answers to the competition. All the titles are books in the Exham on Sea Murder Mystery series.


1 Angela’s scarf is a clue.
The police think they know what to do.
But Libby is there
And taking great care
To show their conclusion’s untrue.

Answer: Murder at the Cathedral

2 Her chocolates are well worth a lick
But something makes everyone sick.
The baker’s suspected
Though quite unconnected.
Who managed to pull off the trick?

Answer: Murder on the Levels

3 Their marriage had lasted for years
Without any worries or fears.
Will work at the Trust
Turn the marriage to dust?
And secrets and lies lead to tears?

Answer: Murder at the Castle

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