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Book Six: Murder at the Castle

Exham on Sea Murder Mysteries Book Six

Murder at the Castle, Libby Forest’s latest adventure, is out now!

Libby’s hot on the trail of the castle killer when disaster strikes close to home.

As the sudden death of a volunteer rocks the ancient calm of the castle, a woman begins to suspect her husband of forty years, and Libby faces opposition from the police.

Plenty of quirky characters, dogs and cake feature in this murder mystery, as Libby and Max solve crime in the charming English seaside town of Exham on Sea.

Download now to find out whodunnit.


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  1. Lidija says:

    Loved all of those books. Please continue with this series! It is funny, interesting mysterious. I am now also planning a trip to Somerset next year, just to see the landscapes you describe!
    Thank you for giving me a great time when reading your books!

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